A Bride and Her Bestie

Mrs. Alyssa Anderson – The Barn at Granite Ridge Farms

The Wedding of Ryan and Alyssa Anderson – June 10, 2023

Fourteen years ago this April, a little tow-headed blonde and her family moved in across the street from us. I was raised a country girl, and my Southern roots compelled me to bake something for the new neighbors. Brownie fixings were on hand, and, let’s face it. Who doesn’t like brownies?? So I got them ready and then handed the plate to my daughter and gave her the assignment of delivering them. It was her induction into the Southern hospitality club. She was ten at the time.

Mickayelyn – Bridesmaid and Bestie

When she came back across the street with an empty plate and an eager eight year-old on her heels, that was the proverbial “All she wrote”. They were inseparable for years, in and out of one another’s houses at will, binge watching TV shows and jamming to Taylor Swift and Mylie Cyrus constantly. She became my daughter’s best friend. Their friendship has endured growing pains and major life changes, not without struggle and effort on both of their behalves, but always a priority, no matter the ebbs and flows of life. Alyssa became my daughter in every way that matters, and I am so very grateful for her presence in my life.

Ryan and Alyssa Anderson – The Barn at Granite Ridge Farms – June 10, 2023

Ryan became Alyssa’s “person” when she was in high school. They’ve grown as individuals and as a couple in so many ways through the years. They’ve both graduated from college, and while Ryan has entered the workforce, Alyssa has been accepted into the Master’s program at UNC Chapel Hill. There is so much in store for these two, and I can’t wait to see where their lives take them, but one thing is for certain. If they always look at one another the way they did as they celebrated their union, they will be wealthy beyond words and happiness will follow them.


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