Monochrome Is Magic for Modeling Portfolios

When you’re building a modeling portfolio, diversity is important. However, first and foremost, the portfolio should be built on shots that showcase the model’s face and body with varying expressions, angles, and a broad range of skilled poses. Keeping garments and color schemes simple, but fashion-forward can go a long way in eliminating distractions and guiding the viewer’s eye to take in the model herself/himself and the skills they’re exhibiting, rather than becoming engrossed in the garments they have on.

Do you want to include shots in high-fashion couture gowns and signature runway pieces in your modeling portfolio? Yes. Do you want to mix up your environments? Absolutely. These frames demonstrate the ability to push through the overwhelming impact of a signature piece or a breathtaking backdrop and remain the center of attention. But first establishing the ability to carry a frame without all the pomp and circumstance is a key piece to proving one’s worth in front of the camera to potential employers. When you can command a frame with minimalistic styling, you’re telling the employer that it doesn’t matter where you shoot or what you’re wearing. You’re not going to be a 10 in a dramatic dress or an architectural piece with editorial makeup and hairstyling and then fall flat in a sleek sheath and a chignon. In other words, you’re proving that you are a safe investment and that their money will be well-spent by hiring you regardless of what you have on or are surrounded by.

Establishing your value is the foundation for building a solid career in the modeling industry, and it all starts with your portfolio. So, study your craft daily. Keep it simple. Find a great local photographer you can work with on a regular basis to round out your portfolio. And, as with any art form, practice, practice, practice. Need posing inspiration? Check out the new e-book by the amazing fashion and beauty photographer, Laretta Houston. Its a tremendous resource for models and for newer photographers as well.

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