What Is a “Fashion Style” Senior Session?

Generally speaking, the majority of senior portrait sessions are done with traditional styling and posing. Conversely, a “fashion style” shoot is precisely what it sounds like. There is a focus on putting together eye-catching outfits that photograph with a dramatic flare with an emphasis on current trends in fashion. Lighting for these high-end shoots is much more complex, dynamic, and multidimensional. A hair and makeup artist and a stylist are utilized for these sessions to pull everything together in a manner that leaves clients feeling pampered and confident walking on set.

Fashion Style Senior Session

For each session, my team and I work with the client and family to craft a concept that fits his/her personality. In this instance, Arya is a dancer who loves the ballet Swan Lake and wanted to pull some inspiration from that into her session. My stylist noted that feather accessories are particularly in fashion right now, so we obtained a feather caplet and wrist cuffs, and a plain black tutu. My stylist pulled some feather’s off of the back of the caplet, sewed them to the front of the tutu, and the look was complete. A simple, yet very high-fashion look was achieved that allowed me to create the endearing style of shots that her parents were in search of, as well as the high fashion, dancer-influenced looks that the client desired.

Swan Lake Inspired Senior Session

Contact me today to set up your fashion-style senior session and let’s create a concept that fits your vision!


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