“Why Do I Need a Consultation with My Photographer?”

Putting together a plan for a shoot requires some critical thinking, for sure, but at the heart of that plan is the relationship between the photographer and the client. I highly recommend scheduling a consultation well in advance of the shoot, a “get to know me” type of get-together. Whether you choose to do this in person or via a digital platform is up to you. There are always logistics to take into account, like work/school schedules, distance, and the like. Those things aside, I want to find out what your vision for your session is. What type of photographs appeal to you? (Having examples is always great.) I want to get to know who you are in order to help convey that vision and develop a plan.

Are you a T Swizzle fan who sings in the shower or are you more subdued? Are you in the center of a crowd or do you like to linger around the edges? Are you a laugh out loud type or more on the serious side? What do you find more relaxing? Music or conversation? Do you gravitate toward trendier styles or are you more classic in your tastes? Is light and airy your thing, or do you like things on the dark and moody side? Do you want images that are classic and understated or something more provocative?

I’ll want to understand the way you see yourself and how you would like to be seen in your photographs. There can be a big difference here, and if there is, we’ll talk about how to make that transformation a reality as we work together.

Have you been photographed by a professional in the last year? The last three years? This let’s me know if I need to schedule a bit more time to help you get comfortable in front of the camera, incorporate a favorite playlist, or if bringing a friend or family member along could potentially help ease any nerves you may have.

Are you looking for specific pieces of artwork from your shoot? An album? I can go through the album choices I offer and their features. Wall portraits? We’ll talk about where in your home you would like for the image(s) to be displayed, the size of the wall, and what type and size of piece will showcase your images in a way that fits your style. If we discuss your desired artwork prior to your session, it gives me the ability to shoot with your specific product goals in mind.

These are all things that a consultation and subsequent follow-up conversations will help you and I sort out together to make your session everything you want it to be. Ultimately, the goal is for you to have a great experience and be happy with the artwork we create together, and I can’t do me without your input. Let’s work together to create something amazing.


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